First developed in 1975 by a team of researchers (later known as Android Doctors) Androids are form of Mechanical Life designed to serve and protect the interests of Humanity within Art Society.


Their primary function is to harness and wield Art Energy for the Defence of Humanity, and thus all Androids follow a strict programming code (Android Rules) to ensure they can safely protect Humans and other lifeforms that may be at risk from a variety of dangers (natural or manmade).

Currently three types of Android are in development, each type distinguished by the origin of their Android Doctor.

These types are as follows:


Corporate Androids: 

designed and produced by the Android Doctors of Corporate Entities, these Androids follow the strictest guidelines, but also benefit from the most available resources in their creation. Corporate Androids also serve the widest variety of roles, ranging from Military Defence Androids to Fashion Model/Mannequins.

Freelance Androids:

designed by independent Android Doctors. These Androids serve functions specifically chosen by their Android Doctor and while still following the Android Rules they are often given personalities and quirks that range outside the more generic Corporate Androids.

Illegal Androids:

designed by nefarious organizations with sinister motives, these Androids do not follow the Protocols of Android Rules. Highly dangerous and often created using Toxic or Harmful energies, Illegal Androids pose a significant risk to Art Society at large.

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