Born in 1985 Los Angeles

Lives and works in Los Angeles and New York







Who Do You Love?, Mathew, Berlin

Curation of 4 person booth, Balice Hertling Gallery, Paramount Ranch Art Fair, Los Angeles

Liquor Store, Paradise Garage, Venice, CA



Homes and Gardens, Freedman Fitzpatrick Gallery, Los Angeles

Freak Out, Greene Naftali, New York

Neoteny, 247365 Gallery NYC, New York

The Politics of Friendship, STUDIOLO, Zurich, SWITZERLAND



Cafe Nihilism, Green Tea Gallery New York, New York

Commuter Duplex, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL

Emergency Cheesecake, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Synesthesia, M+B Gallery, Los Angeles

CABlackbelt, Pro Choice, Vienna

AUSTRIAGroup Show, Balice Hertling Gallery, Paris

FRANCEPotlucks of Destruction Cafe, Swiss Institute, NYC NY

Blackbelt Mindmapping, Performance, Pro Choice, Vienna AUSTRIA



Looking Back, White Columns, New York

Divine Terra, Green Gallery East, Milwaukee

New Bricks, Green Gallery West, Milwaukee

Swap Meet, Joshua tree, CA

the derelict presentation of ANOTHER MASTERPIECE!!introducing YYSL, Whore Moans, Eau de Toilet, Dancing at the Dump, YYSL, Performance at JF Storefront, New York



Is a rusted petticoat enough to bring it down to earth?, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York

Us and themMike Rollins Fine Art, New York

In the Hallway, 179 Canal Street, New York

Ghost of Birthdays Past (Happy Birthday Baby Boo!), P.S.1/ MOMA, New York, Performance during Greater New York 2010

Come to My Opening!, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York



Swap Meet, California Biennial; High Desert Test Sites, CA



Wu-Tang and Googleplex, Passerby Gallery, Gavin Brown Enterprises, New York