Born 1985 in Sweden

Lives and works in New York







That Attitude is Rude, Green Tea Gallery, Kyoto, Japan



It Gets Better, Artists Space, New York
Mario and John, Kraftstrasse 1, Basel, Switzerland
WARM MATH, Balice Hertling, New York
Release of Capricious No.15, Capricious Gallery, New York
Psycho Futurism, Scandinavian Institute, New York
Under the Oak Tree, M/L Artspace, Paramount Ranch Art Fair, Los Angeles
The Eight White Columns Annual curated by Pati Hertling, White Columns, New York



present M/L Artspace, New York
present “Jeanne and Marie” on various locations

Nail Us, M/L Artspace, Brooklyn, New York

Marie & Jeanne, Graff Morgue D’Algue, Geneva, Switzerland

9 Artists, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN (Exhibition traveled to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014)

Beware of the Holy Whore, Artist Space, New York

Freak Out, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York

Paris and Wizard, Musical by Ei Arakawa, MoMa, New York

Savoir Murir, Sandy Brown, Berlin, Germany

All the best People, Group exhibition, 1:1, New York

Your Lips Are So Soft, Sandy Brown, Berlin, Germany
A Woman for Sale, 1:1, New York


2012 – 2013

Xtapussy, New York
1:1, New York



Throw Up, Canal 47, New York


present Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York

Yoga Slave, Gallery Bohman, Stockholm, Sweden

Yoga Slave, Royal Academy of Art, Performance, Stockholm, Sweden



DEAD MUSE, Gallery Bastard, Stockholm, Sweden



Video Rapes, Andrea Crews, Paris, France


2008 – 2010

Dead Muse, Paris, France